Emergency Watershed Protection Program

USDA - Rural Development

Eligible Entities
Type of Fund
Typical Support
No limit known
Application Deadline
Triggered by an event, county or state level

The EWP Program allows communities to quickly address serious and long-lasting damages to infrastructure and to the land. The EWP Program authorities offer NRCS the flexibility to act quickly to help local communities cope with adverse impacts resulting from natural disasters. EWP does not require a disaster declaration by federal or state officials for program assistance to begin, but ultimately partial funding must be provided by the state Legislature. If funding becomes available, all funded projects must demonstrate they reduce threats to life and property; be economically, environmentally and socially sound; and must be designed to acceptable engineering standards, if applicable.

All EWP projects must have a sponsor including cities, counties, towns, conservation districts or any federally recognized Native American tribe.



Emergency Water Shed State Contact for Utah

Anthony Beals


[email protected]


EWP Fact Sheet




Last Updated: July 17, 2020

Program Categories

Aquatic Habitat Restoration | Control Structures | Erosion Control | Flood Prevention/Control | Secondary/Irrigation | Stormwater | Water Quality | Water Resources