OHV Fiscal Incentive Grant (FIG)

Utah State Parks

Eligible Entities
Type of Fund
Typical Support
$350,000 per application, at least 25% match
Application Deadline
Bi-Annual Grant Cycle Opens Feb 1st

State OHV grants can fund a wide range of projects as long as they benefit OHV recreation.

  1. All state OHV funds may be spent on the construction, improvement, operation, acquisition, or maintenance of publicly owned or administered OHV facilities (including infrastructure). This trail work may include: the development and rehabilitation of trailside and trailhead facilities, the purchase and lease of trail construction and maintenance equipment, the acquisition of property for trails/trailheads, and the assessment of trail conditions for accessibility and maintenance.
  2. Funds may be spent on access protection, such as the participation in federal travel planning processes by OHV organizations, the State of Utah, and its subsidiaries. Please understand that this is not access AND protection.
  3. Funds may be spent on search and rescue (SAR), which includes the goods and services that SAR teams need for an effective response to OHV-related incidents.
  4. Funds may be spent on tourism, such as the promotion and administration of OHV related events and/or facilities.
  5. Funds may be spent on education, such as the development and dissemination of publications, as well as the operation of educational programs that promote safety, courtesy, and resource conservation related to OHV trails (including non-law enforcement trail safety and trail-use monitoring patrol programs).
  6. Funds may be spent on other uses that further OHV policy directly related under Title 41, Chapter 22, Section 1: “It is the policy of this state to promote safety and protection for persons, property, and the environment connected with the use, operation, and equipment of off-highway vehicles, to promote uniformity of laws, to adopt and pursue a safety education program, and to develop trails and other facilities for the use of these vehicles.”
Last Updated: March 10, 2021

Program Categories

Assessment of Trail Conditions  | Community Facilities | Construction of New Trails  | Dev & Rehab of Trailside & Trailhead Facilities  | Maintenance / Restoration of Existing Trails  | Pedestrian/Bike | Purchase / lease of trail, const/maint equip  | Recreation Facilities | Staging Areas  | Trailhead Restroom Facilities  | Trailheads | Trails | Transportation | Unimproved Trails