Rural County Grant Program

Eligible Entities
Typical Support
$200,000 - $800,000
Application Deadline
October 1, 2022

The Rural County Grant program empowers rural county governments to take responsibility for their economic development planning, projects, and activities.

The Rural County Grant Program encourages counties of the third, fourth, fifth, or sixth class designations to apply for the grant to manage their unique economic opportunities. The program addresses business recruitment, workforce training and development, infrastructure and capital facilities improvements, and other specific county needs.

Funding available includes:

  • Part A: Annual Distribution—grant funding of up to and including $200,000 annually, distributed equally to each qualifying rural county
  • Part B: Competitive Award—grant funding, obtained by competitive application, which exceeds the $200,000 Annual Distribution, up to an overall amount not to exceed $800,000 per year for a single county

In order to qualify for the new fiscal year grant, a county must first comply with annual reporting requirements from the previous year’s funding distribution. As a result, we have established a two-step process—first, annual reporting; and second, application for the new fiscal year grant.

The portal for accessing the annual report form is found here:

Information Webinar:

Instructions for accessing this form are found here:

Once you have submitted your completed report, the Center for Rural Development will be notified, and will review the report for compliance. You will then be given access to the application portal wherein you will apply for FY2022 grant funding.

FY 2021 Annual Report Submission Deadline: September 1st
FY 2022 Rural County Grant Program Part A Application Deadline: October 1st

To qualify for a Rural County Grant, the county must form and have a functioning County Economic Development Advisory
Board (CED Board). Each CED board assists and advises the county legislative body on the following:
1. Applying for a rural county grant.
2. Determining what economic development projects and activities should be funded with the grant money.
3. Preparing required annual reports.

County Match Requirements and Reporting
In 2021, and subsequent years, a rural county may not receive additional Rural County Grant Part A or B unless the county
demonstrates a funding match equal to a percentage of the awarded amount. Matching percentages are as follows:
• 10% match for a county of the sixth class
• 20% match for a county of the fifth class
• 30% match for a county of the fourth class
• 40% match for a county of the third class

Subsequent Rural County Grants also require that a county 1) has complied with the reporting requirements of the
Governor’s Rural Partnership Board, and 2) has complied with reporting requirements for all previous years the county
has received a grant.

Last Updated: August 20, 2021

Program Categories

Buildings | Business Growth | Business Growth | City/Town Hall  | Community Facilities | Community Redevelopment Areas  | Community Redevelopment Areas  | Community Services | Courthouses  | Economic Development | Economic Development | Emergency Operations Center  | Fire Station  | Planning | Police Station  | Public Safety Buildings  | Public Works Buildings  | Remodel - General/ADA Compliance  | Training